St. Patrick`s Day à Syrkus

Musique folk irlandaise avec deux groupes
The Killkennys et Na Leanai
Emplacement: "Syrkus" Roodt sur Syre
Ouverture de porte: 18:00
Début: 19:00



The Killkennys und Na Leanai dans la Maison de culturel Pendant le Festival de Saint Patrick

La plus suprême journée fériée des irlandais gagne de plus en plus de succès dans nos régions et est célébré au cours des dernières années.

Aussi dans le Syrkus, le jour férié vert à une tradition. Déjà depuis des années la journée est célébrée avec un grand concert, de la bière irlandaise et des plats traditionnelles.

 Découvrez une soirée magnifique avec deux orchestres et immergez dans la tradition irlandaise

 Deux orchestres, un âme

The Killkennys

Cet orchestre irlandais est connu pour une scène énergétique dynamique autour du globe

L’orchestre composant de 4 personnes suit les chemins de « The Dubliners » et « Clancy Brothers » et a déjà joué en Europe et en Etats-Unis. Pendant les dernières années « The Killkennys  » ont déjà partagé la scène avec des artistes renommés comme « Shane McGowan », « Sharron » et Shannon  ainsi que « Finbar Furey »

Na Leanaí

Ce nouveau groupe dynamique a conquis d’emblée la scène folk et a passionnée le public dans les plus grandes salles d’Irlande. De plus le groupe a suscité l’intérêt des médias en Grande-Bretagne ainsi qu’en Europe

Grandi dans la tradition folk, ce groupe composé de cousins premier degré a un pedigree impressionnant. Ils sont les filles et les fils de la première famille folklorique de County Down, The Sands Family.

 The Killkennys und Na Leanai im Kulturhaus Syrkus beim Saint Patricks-Festival



Der grösste Feiertag der Iren wird hierzulande immer beliebter und schon seit Jahren gross gefeiert.

Auch im Syrkus hat der grüne Irishe Feiertag Tradition. Schon seit Jahren feiern wir mit einem grossen Konzert, gutem Irishem Bier und traditionellem Essen diesen verrückten Tag.

 Erleben Sie mit zwei Irishen Band einen Abend der extraklasse und tauchen Sie ein in die Irishe Tradition

 Zwei Bands eine Seele.

 The Killkennys

Diese sehr bekannte Irishe Band ist für ihre dynamisch energiereichen Auftritte rund um den Globus bekannt.

Die 4-köpfige Gruppe folgt den Pfaden die Bands wie „The Dubliners“ und „The Clancy Brothers“ hinterlassen haben, und spielt Tourneen in Europa und den USA. In den letzten Jahren haben „The Kilkennys“ die Bühne mit renommierten irischen Künstlern wie Shane McGowan, Sharron sowie Shannon und Finbar Furey geteilt. 

Na Leanaí

Diese dynamische neue Band hat die Folk-Szene im Sturm erobert und mit begeisterten Kritiken ihrer Gigs in Top-Musik-Locations in ganz Irland, Großbritannien und Europa großes Interesse bei lokalen und nationalen Medien geweckt. In der Folk-Tradition aufgewachsen, hat diese Gruppe von Cousins ​​ersten Grades einen beeindruckenden Stammbaum, denn sie sind die Töchter und Söhne der First Family of Folk aus County Down, The Sands Family.

The Killkennys

A traditional Irish folk and ballad band, The Kilkennys are noted for their dynamic arrangements, energetic performances and charismatic rapport with audiences across the globe.


Picking up the mantle left by acts such as The Dubliners and The Clancy Brothers, the 4 piece group continue to conquer tour circuits in Europe and the U.S. In the past years The Kilkennys have shared the stage with renowned Irish artists such as Shane McGowan, Sharron Shannon and Finbar Furey. Continuing their hectic tour schedule 2016 saw the band perform on the main stage at Milwaukee Irish Fest – the largest Irish Festival in the world.


“The Kilkennys are a great band upholding the Irish Folk/Ballad tradition with a contemporary style. Matching the passion &

stories with these songs. The Kilkennys live is a fantastic show

– Barry Stapleton, Milwaukee Irish Fest


The band was established between schoolmates and began touring the length and breadth of Ireland in 1998. In 2008 they decided to name themselves ‘The Kilkennys’ after their beloved home, Kilkenny City. Now based in South East Ireland, the group have evolved through the years and are anchored by founding members Davey Cashin (vocals, mandolin, banjo, guitar, whistles), Tommy Mackey (bass, acoustic guitar, vocals), Mick Martin ( bodhran, uilleann pipes, low whistles, guitar, vocals) and newest member Josh O’Loughlin (Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar, Bouzouki and vocals).


After releasing their live album and DVD ‘Meet The Kilkennys’, Radio and TV appearance soon followed, which included RTE’s Late Late Show, where they preformed their single ‘Shine on Kilkenny’ , an original song released to coincide with Kilkenny winning All Ireland hurling final for a forth year in a row, a sporting celebration also headlined by The Kilkennys. Their much acclaimed studio album ‘The Colour Of Freedom’ (2014) features a mix of original material and well known ballads like ‘Rocky Road to Dublin’ and ‘South Australia’. The strong connection between the band and their music is showcased in this album, with compelling musicianship and pristine vocal harmonies.


Seeking to preserve their status for re-introducing Irish folk and ballads to a young audience while capturing the hearts of the more seasoned traditional music lover, The Kilkennys embark on their new show featuring new material, set to be released later in the year. The bands popularity continues to grow with every energy filled, toe tapping and hand clapping night of entertainment.

La NeaLai

This dynamic new band has taken the folk scene by storm, generating intense interest from local and national media with rave reviews of their gigs at top music venues throughout Ireland, The UK and Europe.

Brought up in the folk tradition, this band of first cousins have an impressive pedigree, for they are the daughters and son of County Down’s First Family of Folk , The Sands Family.

Their musical talent, stage craft, and heavenly voices are the proof of the well-known saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree..” for Na Leanai learned their craft as children listening and watching as audiences throughout Europe responded to the songs  the wit and the infectious performance art of The Sands Family.

With fiddles flutes guitars and percussion they play haunting airs that speak to the soul, lively jigs to set the feet tapping and enthral with close vocal harmonies that will give you goose bumps.

Na Leanai have performed at top folk venues in Belfast and Dublin , and have enthralled audiences at Fiddlers Green Folk festival in Rostrevor , Marymass Folk Festival in Scotland , Dublin’s Temple Bar Tradfest , the London Irish Centre,  Skagen Festival in Denmark, Volmarstein Festival in Germany and many many more.

Na Leanai’s first album; “Kindred Roots”  features  traditional and contemporary songs,  all with original arrangements, and has been warmly received by the music industry.


This close harmony quartet have learned their craft as children listening and watching as audiences throughout Europe responded to the songs  the wit and the infectious performance art of their parents.

They have inherited the musical talent of a band whose  professionalism lies in allowing their  audience to become participants in, rather than observers of, a unique cultural experience.

A Na Leanai audience is transported from concert hall to warm cosy kitchen by these four  musicians’  charm,  love of music and their obvious joy at entertaining.

This is the inheritance of Na Leanai.

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